Why Choose Ekidna Cottage

Children are very sensitive, it is a great responsibility to teach a child and raise them with good manners and ethics. Most of the people are always judging the parents with the habits of their children, for example, if the child is doing good and he is behaving well, people will think that he has been raised by good parents but if the child is behaving in a wrong way, then also the guilt will go to the parents and they will be blamed of not raising their child properly. It depends on parents too, but many parents cannot give their child proper attention because of some other purposes which are also important to make the future of the child. Therefore, the best case to this problem is that you send your child to a child care centre where he can learn many things such as manners, ethics and they can also develop their mental skills there. If you want to send your child in a good childcare centre, then you have to choose Echidna Cottage, we have one of the best programs for childcare Lane Cove including family daycare in which your child will get the best care. Here are some of the reasons to choose our services:

Regular Contact:

We believe that the child should know where they belong to, otherwise they might feel that they are left out somewhere and they do not belong to anywhere. This is why, we allow the children to keep in regular contact so that they are aware of their belongings and also if in future the parents come to get them back, there will not be any hesitation for the child to go back because he already knows that they care his parents. Go here for more information about daycare. 

Child Upbringing:

Most of the times, when a child has left out alone, they go to wrong paths and they take wrong steps which ruins their lives and keep them spoiled for the rest of their lives. Child’s upbringing decides their future, this is why we focus on giving them extra special care to provide them with a good upbringing in which they learn all the things related manners, ethics and many more mental skills which are needed to be a good person.


We believe that it is also very necessary to provide the children with education and knowledge because, without these two aspects, there is no future in this era now. 

If you want to know more about us, kindly contact us on our website or contact us through our customer service, we will be very happy to serve you and answer your queries. Our customer service is extremely frank and they will be very cooperative to you.