Services At Trade Institute Of Victoria

What is TIV?

Trade Institute of Victoria is the most efficient organization of carpentry in Victoria and being recognized all over Australia is an institute that solely focuses on producing the best carpenters for Australia. We assure you that in this production of the best carpenter, we are also very good service providers to our customers and students. We offer fully skill-learning programs in we include all the important things that are included in the carpentry industry. We assure you that all our programs are designed in the best way to serve the sole purpose of providing the best to our students. Trade Institute of Victoria is the best place for you too if you are a working carpenter and you require a paper form of degree for the recognition of the work.

RPL building and construction Diploma at TIV:

 We also offer diplomas of RPL building and construction. We will assist you and your skills. Depending on the verdict of the assessment, we decide that whether you should be handed over the diploma degree or you require further training considering the current situation of the carpentry world. One of the most efficient programs we offer is the customized training program. This program consists of training students or clients based on their individual abilities. First, they are tested by knowing what they know about this field of work. Then according to that, it is identified that in what place they lack. And like this, a customized program is designed for them based on what skills they require in order to be fully trained. 

Professional Sports Program:

We also offer a professional Sports program. This program includes all the training of all the well-known people in the carpentry world. They would provide you the assistance you require to excel in this field. This program is also nationally recognized and would help you to develop relations in the world of carpentry. This would also provide you a chance of meeting and encountering new people, new trends and talents in the industry of carpentry. We assure you that if you choose this program, you will get overwhelmed by the activities and opportunities this program offers to its participants. Each and every program that we design has its uniqueness and stands out in its own manner. These programs also include internship opportunities by which you can enhance your skills. We assure you that whatever program you choose at our organization, you will never leave empty-handed. We guarantee that you will leave after becoming a better version of your previous self in terms of skills and abilities. We assure that you will never regret choosing us as your trainers for the carpentry world.