Know The Benefits Of Booking Directly

Booking can be quite a hassle for some, to make it direct and easy, you have Setup Dixon at your service. It is guaranteed that if you book directly through them, you will be charged the lowest possible rates.  And the best example is that they offer their customers to compare the room charges elsewhere and if they are able to get lower rates, then the team at Setup Dixon will be you an additional ten percent discount. You can share the details with them through an email and they will manage the rest. Go here for more information about backpackers

Some of the benefits of booking directly that you must know of are: the first and foremost is the fact that you can get a free room upgrade. Although this cannot be guaranteed because this depends solely on the availability of a room on the day when you check-in; but nonetheless this still is an advantage. The second advantage is that you get Wi-Fi connection, if you book directly through website, then you will receive one gigabyte to use every night during the stay and this can increase up to ten gigabyte, depending upon your stay and number of rooms you have booked. In short this is double the Wi-Fi that you will be offered if you book elsewhere. The best part about direct bookings is that they do not charge any fees for booking, nor do they cut any money when there are transactions through credit cards. This way you secure your booking with confidence as you get confirmation on spot, without any unnecessary delays.

This policy of direct booking is in context with certain terms and conditions that you need to be aware of. Some of the terms and conditions are: you can contact Setup Dixon through the online form available at their webpage or through writing them an email. Once you have made a booking and you want to match the prices with elsewhere, then you can do so within the next forty-eight hours as you can cancel only within this timeframe. Also you need to know that your booking is not confirmed until you pay and once you pay, the fee is non-refundable. While you compare the prices of rooms available at other sites, you must only compare prices that are in New Zealand dollar. For the Wi-Fi vouchers, if you have used them or if their expiry date has passed, then they become invalid. The management cannot guarantee constant connectivity as that is subject to the service provider, for instance if it rains heavily, then there is a chance of low internet connection etc. and if for instance a customer does not use their Wi-Fi voucher, and then it will not be exchanged.

And as far as an upgrade system is concerned, they offer you four possible situations for that, the first is that your single room with a share bathroom can be upgraded to an ensuite room. most affordable accommodation can also be ensuite and so the twin rooms, but all depending upon availability.

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