Keep Your Cats And Birds At MOORHOLME

Research has proved that having a pet around shall have positive effect on your health and in addition to this there is no doubt in the fact that cats are great companions. Cats can actually keep you calm which otherwise is not possible if you have a pet dog as they constantly keep you off the feet. And many people find cats to be better pets if compared to dogs because they are much cleaner, they lick themselves and this way waver off any dirt that gets on them. They do need a bath but the grooming isn’t the one you would require in case you have a pet dog.

As they have kennels for dogs, the team at MOORHOLME also have special built up cattery for your pet cats for a better pet transport service. This special house for your cat has its temperature controlled such that it suits your pets living conditions; along with that it also has a system of music for soothing them. Physical fitness and health is taken care of by regular exercises for your pet depending upon how much they are eager to do or can easily do. Each staff member at MOORHOLME looks after one cat, this one on one system ensures that your cat gets individual attention and care as it would ideally get in a home, a facility not provided by many care centers in Melbourne.

Cats are by nature playful creatures and keeping this in view, at MOORHOLME they have scratching post upon which the cats can climb on and play around but in an area that is safe as well clean. Each cat at the center is provided with a bed and blankets and these are regularly washed as well as disinfected. The litters of all cats are daily changed and the units are also cleaned. In case a cat requires medicine, it will be provided by the expert on campus. Some cats are used to the food they have at home so even if they want to have their same food while they stay at MOORHOLME, they have the option to do so. But they also have numerous kinds of cat foods and other items that cats usually enjoy eating.

In addition to dogs and cats, MOORHOLME is home to a wide variety of birds and animals, some of which are as follows: canary, ducks, horses, pigs, rats and many more. This makes them one of a kind of center where all animals that are kept as pets by people from all walks of life are taken care of. Although the services and facilities provided by MOORHOLME are undoubtedly the best in town, but there are certain rules and regulation upon which they do not compromise and one such domain is vaccination of the pets. And for this they require documents as proof stating if the pet has been vaccinated or needs vaccination completed during the stay at the center.