Common Difficulties In Moving To Australia

Healthcare in Australia is of high cost and hence it is compulsory to have health insurance known as Overseas Student Health Cover. This is a precautionary measure taken by foreign students for any medical emergencies. These insurance packages may last for your entire academic duration. You could organize for an appropriate health insurance through your agent or by yourself. Look at various packages, compare the benefits and select one with a comfortable payment plan.Moving to a completely new country is extremely challenging as you would be exposed to new people, new cultures, different languages, higher expenses etc. It can be overwhelming to leave behind what you know and trying to fit in a completely new environment. Australia is a delightful country with a lot of diversity and hence you will come across people who are in the same situation as you. So here are some difficulties you may face and how to get over them.


While taking working visa advice Brisbane, you might have thought that being away from your family and friends can trigger homesickness which will most probably make you lose focus on the good things about moving. It is your responsibility to deal with it and get out and about to familiarize with your new environment. You can explore and sightsee some of the greatest attractions of the city. Filling your schedule with such explorations will get your mind off the sadness of missing your family. Don’t be afraid to try new things such as skydiving, snorkeling or simply taking a walk around town at night. Keep your family in close contact so that you can continuously get support on facing your fears.

Difficulty in relationships

You might find it hard to form new friendships in a new country. You might feel like an outcast and be backward in approaching people. Remember to not compare your new acquaintances with your close friends back home as it will take time for you to get there. A good way to make new friends is to take up a hobby so that you meet new people with the same interests so you will have something to talk about. Join a dance class, book club or volunteering society and join in their activities. If you have your partners back home, it can be difficult to maintain a long distance relationships. The key to success is communication and understanding between you two. If you are planning to settle down, you can contact a partner visa migration agent who will help you with the visa process for a loved one.

Culture shock

If you are from an Asian country, then you might undergo some serious culture shock. It is natural to feel frustrated about feeling isolated from the others and fitting in can become a problem.  You might notice that people are upfront in communication unlike other Asian countries. You will not see a heavy emphasis on hierarchical structures and are expected upfront and to-the-point communication. You need to get used to the constant jokes and slang amongst your colleagues and also learn about how they maintain good working relationships.